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a business dedicated to providing you with qualified, insured handymen to perform whatever tasks you require. We do everything from fixing a leaky tap, to doing a full basement renovation for you.


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About Us

Rob Miller


Rob has been involved in the construction industry since he was 10 years old. He grew up on a farm, and helped build all the farm buildings. When he was a teenager, he became involved in working in the construction industry. He worked for various companies, learning every different subtrade needed to construct a house.

He decided to try an approach to learn how to become good at doing everything needed to build a house from start to finish: he worked for every different subtrade involved in building a home! Depending on how difficult it was to learn to do the job well, he worked for various lengths of time for the different companies. For example, he worked for 3 months learning to install drywal. He worked for 1 full year on a framing crew (that is the crew that comes and builds the entire outside shell of your house very quickly).

One of the jobs he became very good at was painting. He worked for almost 3 years as a painter, getting very good at it. His construction knowledge nearly complete, he started building houses on his own. He built 4 houses on his own, with some helpers. Doing this, he learned the rest of the construction industry, including arranging permits, organizing sub-trades, etc.

Trust Our Remodeling Experts

Rob Miller started R & K Homes in 2000, in partnership with his brother, Ken. At that point in time, the business was dedicated to buying distressed properties, renovating them to their potential glory, and reselling them. At the beginning of 2013, Ken Miller decided to pursue different goals, and will be sorely missed.

Over the years, this business has evolved into the present Ottawa Handyman Service. Our main business is interior home renovation projects (kitchen, basement, and bathroom), but we also like to provide a small job service to our potential clients. They can test us by having us provide a small service, to see how good a job we do! This service is also available, of course, to people who simply want a small job done, such as hanging curtain rods, changing a kitchen faucet, or even a small bathroom upgrade!

We also do the jobs you can't find anyone else to do! If you can't seem to find someone to do the job you want done, we will probably do it! We are innovative, creative, goal oriented, and love making our customers happy!

Our Business Philosophy

At Ottawa Handyman Service, we have a philosophy incredibly different from our competition: we want our customers to be very happy with our work, and refer us to all their friends. Unlike our competition, we are not just a referral service. When you contact us, either by email or phone, you will be answered by an actual experienced handyman.

They will make themselves available for a free on-site estimate at your convenience. Ballpark phone estimates are also possible if the information is detailed enough as well.

How We Are Different

Our Philosophy

Their Philosophy


The company owner gives you an estimate,and is the team leader for any job we do for you

A sub-contractor, who doesn't even work for the company, shows up to give you an estimate


Our teams are paid by the hour. The owners instructions to the employees is; "Take your time and do the job perfectly!"

The sub-contractors who perform the work are paid by the job. The quicker they finish, the quicker they can move on to the next job. Quality of work suffers as a result


The owner takes all incoming phone calls. He handles all phone calls and emails, and goes out to do the estimates. Your initial phone call is with a well-qualified person who has the expertise to answer your questions and talk knowledgeably about a project with you.

Your phone calls are answered by a telephone answering service, by someone with no knowledge of construction.


For projects taking one week or less, we do not ask for deposit money or completion stage money for doing your job. We wait till you are happy with the work we have done before requiring payment for our services.

Most companies ask for a deposit before even booking a date for your project. If something happens, you have already paid a deposit and will lose it.

few of our


We offer a wide range of services to our customers. Here are just a few. If you do not find what you want done in our list of services offered, please feel free to call and ask us if we can do what you need done!

Handyman Services

This is what truly sets up apart from other companies. We LIKE doing small jobs for you. All of our handymen have extensive construction experience, and are specially trained to provide you with quality handyman services. Some of the more common tasks we are asked to perform are:

  • Hang your pictures, curtain rods, etc.
  • Perform small repairs to walls, including painting and plastering
  • Small plumbing repairs, like fixing a leaky tap or a running toilet
  • Installing weather stripping on doors
  • Re-caulking leaky windows
  • Repairing (or replacing) a broken door or window
  • Hanging a beautiful new light fixture for you

Plumbing and Electrical Services

Enlist our insured, licensed craftsmen to do your small electrical repairs and upgrades. Most of our staff are trained to do jobs like changing switches and plugs, hanging light fixtures, and other small electrical jobs. For big electrical jobs, we have relationships with fully qualified electricians, to give you total peace of mind. We can do any plumbing jobs you require, from fixing a leaky faucet to installing a new sink or toilet.


We love doing renovations! Whether you want new counter tops or cabinets or to add on an entire bathroom, our staff is up to the task. We refresh and modernize, adding new fixtures and features to kitchens and bathrooms. We perform basement renovations, take out walls, and install or replace water pipes and other plumbing. Give a room in your home a face lift with our services.

Home Sale Preparation

We will work with your realtor (by special appointment only). We will meet with your realtor, and deliver a comprehensive quote to address ALL the issues your realtor says need fixed. Don't worry, we love doing a whole bunch of small tasks to make your home look beautiful (and more valuable!)

Windows & Doors

At Ottawa Handyman Service, we offer replacement and installation of many types of windows and doors. Upgrade your old wood door to a modern, energy-efficient, sealed metal door. We also replace vinyl, aluminum, and energy-efficient windows.

Flooring & Painting

At Ottawa Handyman Service, we install and replace laminate, hardwood, tile, and linoleum to offer complete flooring services. Our painting services are for the interior of the house only and include priming and painting, as well as any necessary repairs to your walls prior to painting. Trust your next flooring or painting project to the capable craftsmen at Ottawa Handyman Services.

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